About Melani

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It all started when…

It all started when I realized how much we all suffer from our own faulty thinking patterns and that we all have the power to change. I am passionate about helping clients. Seeing individuals live a more full life without limitations of negative beliefs is simply beautiful. I teach clients how to utilize positive thinking, Mindfulness Meditation, Mindful Living Practices and cognitive restructuring. I work with my clients in a way that creates an alignment through trust building, compassion and unconditional regard for their well-being. Clients feel the care and energy that I share with them and have asked me to share the following statements with you. Thank you for taking the time to read about me and my practice.

Client testimonials:

“It always felt like no one really listened. You helped me see that I didn’t want anyone to hear me.” ~Adolescent client

“I’ve tried almost everything you’ve encouraged me to do or to think about and it’s made a HUGE difference. My thinking was really holding me back. Thank you for helping me.” ~Adult client

“You’ve helped me gain the courage to live the life that I’ve been scared to consider. Thank you for giving me the strength to live my life as my true self!” ~Adult client

“I didn’t want to admit that I needed therapy. As a matter of fact, I was embarrassed. This has been life changing and I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner!”~ Adult client

“Thank you for your passion and care. It’s very obvious that you really care about your patients. From day one, I’ve felt your care and positive energy. Thank you for caring.” ~Adult client

“You are so funny and have helped me laugh about some of the things that I think other’s should be doing. It’s been very eye opening!” ~Adolescent client